Laundry Services

karenWith our cost-effective, high standard ironing service you decide on the day and time and we will collect your clothes (either from your work or home) and return them 24 to 48 hours later, beautifully ironed on hangers (or folded if you prefer) and in protective laundry bags. If you find the job we do meets your exacting standards we can do the same for you on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

0-10 Items £1.50
11-20 £1.40
21-30 £1.30
31-40 £1.20
40+ £1.00
Age 0-13 £1.00
Single Sheets £1.25
Double Sheets £1.50
King Size £1.75
Single Duvet £1.50
Double Duvet £1.75
King Size £2.00
Pillow Cases 60p
Other Items
Hankies/Napkins/T-Towels 30p
Tablecloth Small £1.25
Tablecloth Large £1.75
Curtains From £1.75
Wash & dry From £6.95